South Asian Women Empowerment Regional Association

Our Focus


make South Asian women stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights


be actively interested in and concerned for the success of South Asian women


offer South Asian women information, emotional support, and help finding resources


Saweraa serves women in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal

The word "Saweraa" means new beginnings.

Founded in 2003 by nine women who saw the need for support in the St. Louis community regarding domestic violence.

Dedicated to addressing the need for an organization that understands the unique cultural circumstances of the South Asian community.

Saweraa provides confidential services to women from South Asian countries.

Saweraa works to educate the greater St. Louis community on South Asian issues and decrease cultural barriers.

Saweraa offers support in a variety of South Asian languages to ensure ease in communication.

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh and Nepal

    3% each

Services Provided

Helpline Services
SAWERAA has installed a 24/7, toll-free telephone help line exclusively for the victims. SAWERAA’S telephone number is listed in the phone directory, MCADSV directory, and in the website. The calls are constantly monitored by either the Victim Advocate or a Board member, and are responded to in English, or in the language spoken by the client.
Victim Advocacy
To provide short-term strategies for safety and crisis intervention in the cultural context. This service is provided by the Victim Advocate either through phone contact or by site visits as needed.
Referral Services
SAWERAA currently collaborates with other agency for mental health services. The Victim Advocate identifies the services needed and recommends to the Board. Upon authorization from the Board, the Victim Advocate coordinates with the appropriate agency offering such services.
Counseling Services
To alleviate fear and anxiety due to various factors described in the State of Problem section of this application, and improve quality of life for the clients. Extended services are referred to ALIVE or other agencies based on the needs of the victims and their children.
Case Management Service
To inform the clients on their civil rights, and educate them about the US culture, and improve their cultural fluency to survive independently. The Victim Advocate will be providing case management services to the victims. The victim advocate is familiar with the services offered in the community and makes appropriate referral based on the need of the individuals. He/she will assist the clients in obtaining the services, referrals, and law enforcement. These services are offered in person and visits are coordinated with the referral agencies.
Legal Advocacy Services
This service is provided in person by a legal counsel. A list of all the pro bono attorneys and the agencies offering the legal services are maintained with the victim/legal advocate. As list of local criminal justice agencies and contact persons in each county where services are offered are given to victims based on the needs. This list is updated annually.
Personal Support Program
To help both young and older adult women to cope and/or overcome cultural stigma that impedes them from disclosing their problem and seeking appropriate help. The support group is conducted either by the Victim Advocate, a certified Social worker, Psychologist, or a Psychiatrist in a safe location. The support groups will convene monthly, if necessary, but least quarterly until the clients have reached a level of comfort that would enable them to perform their normal activities. The group will learn develop strategies to confront and resolve the issues at hand. Onsite child care will be provided for the client’s children, if needed. Maintenance of confidentiality will be strictly mandated.
Community Outreach and Education
Informing the South Asian community about their rights in a foreign land. SAWERAA educates the clients about law enforcement and their role, provides information about legal services, and conducts forum and open house discussions. This vital information is being disseminated through flyers, mass-mailing, and website updates.

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