Domestic Violence in Asian & Pacific Islander Homes Statistics

The APIIDV just released a study bringing together statistics and facts pertaining to Domestic Violence in Asian & Pacific Islander Homes. Recently published, it offers interesting facts about the rates of DV in South Asian communities.

The Lifecourse IPV & Help-seeking Study of 31 of 56 Indian and Pakistani women found that:

  •  Indian and Pakistani women, born in the U.S. or who had immigrated to the U.S. pre-adolescence (1.5+ generations), were more likely to experience all three forms of IPV – physical violence, sexual assault, and stalking compared to those born outside the U.S. and those who immigrated post-adolescence.
  •  Younger Indian and Pakistani women were more likely to experience stalking by intimate partners compared to their older counterparts.
  • All 3 generational groups – 1st, 1.5+ and 2nd – were equally likely to contact police, legal services and domestic violence programs.
  • 1.5+ generations and those born in the U.S. were more likely to seek health care compared to their first generation counterpart.
  • In general, younger women were more likely to contact outside agencies, such as the police, legal services, and domestic violence programs

Click here for the full report:

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